The show, “If Loving You Was Wrong” is a television series aired since 2014 and has captured a large number of people with the drama and the showcase of everyday lives of many couples struggling with their relationships. The soap opera follows the lives of a group of five husbands and wives all on the same street, trying to make their marriages work.

Extras in “If Loving You Is Wrong”

The casting directors require the following actors for the show:

For the ongoing show, there is a requirement of FBI Agents in the episodes to be shot soon and the casting directors are in a hurry to select the interested candidates for the role.

Following are the specifications needed:

  • Male actors may only apply
  • The age of the applicants has to be between late 20’s and mid 30’s
  • They need to have a good shape and physical strength since they have to play the role of FBI Agents (SWAT type agents)

The applicants matching the criteria must submit their information via email as soon as possible

  • Email address: HHNseason4@gmail.com
  • Email subject: (Name of the role you are applying for)
  • Include your full name in the email
  • Include your contact details such as your phone number and email address
  • Age, height, weight, wardrobe sizes and shoe sizes are also to be included in the email
  • Attach two pictures in the email, 1 of headshot and the other one of full body

Timings of the shoot would be 8am call time

The television series “The Haves and Have Nots” had premiered in 2013 and is one of the most popular shows on OWN. The casting directors require some fresh faces for the upcoming roles for extras in the episodes of the current season to be shot shortly.

The story revolves around three families and the stark difference between them based on their social status, wealth and fame. The show focuses on Harrington and Cryer being the rich and the famous families, powerful in every possible manner. And then there is Young family which is the epitome of ‘Have Nots’ who are in total contrast with all what Harrington and Cryer are.

The story contains the juicy details of their lives, trials and plights which each of them would go through, in a different manner of course. There is infidelity, suicide, cancer, poverty, crime scenes, politics, mental health issues and rape etc.

Extras in ‘The Haves and Have Nots

Following are the roles for which the casting directors of “The Haves and Have Nots” are searching applicants:

  1. Police Officers

  • Men and women are required to apply for the roles of Police Officers
  • They should not have worked for any of the scenes of the series before
  • The age of the applicants must be 20’s and early 40’s
  • They should not have visible tattoos
  • Shorter hairstyles would be preferred
  • Men should be clean shaven
  • They need to have a strong built and a good shape to carry the police officers’ uniform
  1. Prison Guards

  • Male actors are required for the role of prison guards
  • Age of the applicants has to be between mid 20’s and early 40’s
  • They need to have a proper physique to carry the correctional officers’ look and uniform
  • No facial hair is required
  • The applicants need to have short hair and no visible tattoos
  1. Prisoners

  • For the extra role of prisoners, men only may apply
  • Age of the applicants could be between 20’s and 50’s
  • People of any ethnicity may apply
  1. Detectives

  • Male actors are required for the role of detectives
  • Age of the applicants must be between 30’s and 50’s
  • They need to have professional suits and tie of their own or options to acquire them from
  • They need to be in a decent physical condition for the role
  • People of any ethnicity may apply
  • You should not have worked as a detective on any other show
  • No requirement of facial hair
  • Applicants must have short hair and no tattoos that are visible
  1. ND-BG

  • Male and female applicants are required to apply for the background role
  • Age fon the applicants must be between 20’s and 50’s
  • They would be the common people seen in the background of the police station scenes, filinf reports etc
  • Legal name (full)
  • Phone number/ email address
  • Age
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Shoe size
  • Wardrobe sizes
  • 1 full body shoot
  • 1 headshot

Applicants must email to HHNseason4@gmail.com

Subject line should contain the name of the role you’re applying for

The shooting would be in Atlanta, only locals may apply.

Apply only if you meet the above given description.

Hurry up and get casted in one of the most popular television shows, who knows this might open doors of a glamorous career for you.

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