The new movie starring Emilia Clarke, “Above Suspicion” is looking for models, actors and talent to work as reporters in some of the scenes to be filmed in Paris, Kentucky. The casting directors are also looking for people to fill in the roles of federal marshals, courtroom spectators, news reporters and stenographers.

If you think you are fit for any one of the roles and want to gain experience by working with the finest cast and crew, this is your chance to showcase your talent.

About the Project

‘Above Suspicion’, starring Emilia Clarke, is based on a true story of an FBI agent who is newly marries and is assigned to move to Appalachian Mountain Town located in Kentucky. The FBI agent gets into an affair with one of the local women who later becomes his main informant. The woman sees this as a way for her way to escape her crazy life, which leads to a series of disasters for both of them.

The movie starts Emilia Clarke (‘Terminator’ and ‘Game of Thrones’) paired with Jack Huston (‘Boardwalk Empire’, ‘The Longest Ride’) in the lead roles.

Casting Call for “Above Suspicion”

The casting directors of ‘Above Suspicion’ are in need for people to play the following roles. The call time can be as early as 5:30 a.m., hence make sure you are available if you are applying for nay of the roles.


Courtroom Spectators: Men and women of all ethnicities between the ages of 18 to 70 years. Hair color must be natural and people with modern day haircuts are not recommended to apply. Apply with subject line Courtroom 05.31

Federal Marshals: Men in their late 20’s to 50’s from all ethnicities. Males applying must be clean shaven or with neatly trimmed moustaches. Should be without any visible tattoos. People submitting for this role must have their own business attires which include but are not limited to Suits, khakis, slacks, skirts, blouses, button-ups, belts, ties and close toed shoes. People having modern day haircuts will not be able to fit in the setting because the movie is based in the 80’s. Apply with subject line: Marshal 05.31.

Stenographer: Looking for Caucasian men between their 40s or 50s. Someone with real experience will be preferred. People submitting for this role must have their own business attire to wear in the scenes. Apply with subject line: Stenographer 05.31.

News Reporter and Videographer: Caucasian men and women in their late 20’s to 50’s to work as reporters in some of the scenes. Must have own business attire if submitting for this role. Apply with subject line: News Reporter: 05.31.

You have to be available for the whole day and the pay is $58 for up to 8 hours.

If you are interested in any of the above mentioned roles, apply with the subject line and the following

  • Recent photo
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Wardrobe sizes
  • Description of any tattoos you may have
  • Your location
  • Your contact information




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