The third installation in the world famous X-Men series, ‘Wolverine’, is set to film and the casting directors are searching for extras nationwide.  Hugh Jackman returns as Wolverine.  This movie will surely be a hit like its previous titles.  Marvel and DC movies have only grown in popularity, so look for ‘Wolverine 3’ to hit theaters with a bang.

Following are the details pertaining to the roles to be filled by the applicants:

  1. Wealthy Couple

  • This is a rush call, looking for a male and a female portraying a wealthy couple
  • Candidates of any ethnicity may apply
  • The age of the candidates must be in 30’s
  • They need to bring upscale clothing options with them on the sets
  • Men: Bring along suit jackets
  • Women: Bring dress or pantsuits for the shoot
  • This would be an early morning shoot
  1. Spanish Speaking Children

  • The film “Juarez” needs child stars in Greater New Orleans area
  • Children between the ages of 6 and 14 years may apply
  • The filming for this role would start in June
  • The children applying must be fluent in Spanish
  • Email Subject Line: Spanish
  • Include child’s name, date of birth, location, name of parent(s) and contact number in the email
  1. Mutant Children

  • Child stars are needed to play Mutant Children in the film “Juarez”
  • Children of the age between 6 and 15 years may apply for the role
  • The filming would take place in the month of June (dates are not finalized yet)
  • The payment rates would be $101.50 for the day
  • The kids applying need to have distinguishing looks which should be interesting and captivating
  • They don’t have to be pageant or model types at all
  • The photo submissions must be original without a touch of make up or photoshop or any other form of editing
  • Email Subject: Kids
  • Include name, date of birth, photos, location along with parent(s)’s name and contact information in the email
  • This is for Greater New Orleans area
  1. Stand-Ins

  • The stand in role requires a Caucasian Male
  • The height of the candidate must be 6’5- 6’9
  • The candidate must have a slim built
  • The candidate must be willing to shave his head
  • The work dates aren’t finalized but the shooting would take place in May or June 2016
  • Email Subject: Tall Man
  1. Federalez

  • For the role of Federalez, male candidates are sought
  • Hispanic candidates are encouraged to apply
  • The age of the applicant must be between 20’s and 30’s
  • They need to be physically fit to portray military soldiers
  • Real military experience possessing candidates would be preferred
  • The candidates need to be willing to have a military haircut and get clean shaven
  • The payment rates are: $101.50 for 12 hours’ shoot
  • The filming would take place in May or June for the role
  • Email Subject Line: Soldier
  • The role is for Greater New Orleans area
  1. CPR Couple

  • A CPR couple is required for the background role in film’s scenes
  • For Cocktail Waitress: Female of any ethnicity is required
  • She should be of age between 20’s and 30’s
  • Certified CPR (You need to show your credentials) is required since you would be required to perform mouth to mouth resuscitation (on a male)
  • For CPR Man: a heavy set male is required of any ethnicity
  • He must be in his 30’s – 50’s
  • You need to be comfortable with CPR and mouth to mouth resuscitation performed (on you)
  • Subject Line: CPR
  1. Car Submissions

  • Background talent is needed for some of the scenes of the film along with their vehicles
  • New cars and trucks would be preferred (2012 and newer only may apply)
  • No white or red vehicle would be casted
  • The payment rates are: $101.50 plus $35 Auto Bump
  • Email Subject Line: Auto
  • Mention the make, year, model and color of your vehicle in the email body

Following are the particulars needed to be submitted to:

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Age (date of birth)
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Wardrobe Sizes
  • Location
  • Pictures

Apply for the vacancies available and be a part of one of the mega projects in the series.

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