The Team of “The Catterson Chronicles” is in Search of Voice Actors and Conducting Audition Nationwide


The team of the “The Catterson Chronicles” is searching for voice over actors.  The auditions are open nationwide so anyone can apply for the roles.  The actors applying for these roles must have a great voice and fulfill all the requirements of the role. They should have a good at using a microphone to record their voice.

Requirements for the Voice Artists 

The following are the requirements for the voice artists, “The Catterson Chronicles” which all applicants and potential voice artists must fulfill.

One of the most important elements in voice acting is the quality of the voice. For this reason, you must have a crisp quality microphone to record your voice.

The team would want to hear how you sound before you are offered a script. This means that you have to say something without hesitation, crisply, and in a unique way.

The team may ask you to provide a British accent or a southern accent. You should be flexible in how you change your voice and impact the people watching.  A good voice over artists knows how to change accents.

You must reliable and should respond to all the emails send to you if you get selected. There have been many scenarios where the voice artists was selected, but they never responded.  If you apply, please take this seriously.

Voice Artists Roles

The roles that are listed below may be small, but there are several big roles to come.  The casting team considers everyone and replies promptly. The following roles are currently vacant:

The team is in search of a British voice actor. This will be a rescued captive who works with his father.

The team requires British voice actor who has to speak only one line. He will be the Prime Minister of the UK.

A female voice over actor is required who can speak in British accent. She just has to speak a few lines.

An actor will be required who will just have to speak a single line in precise words.

A male or female new reporter is required who know British accent. They will be required to speak a short line.

A female or male is required with a British voice.

Another female or male is required who preferably has a British voice. They will have to act like scientists.

The team requires another news reporter who will have to speak one line. This reporter should also know how to pronounce Northern areas of the United Kingdom.

A young male and female actor is required with a British voice.

A teen-aged boy or girl is required who has a British accent and they must have a gangster type voice.

A voice artist who can speak a few lines in American accent as the story is set being in America.

The actors applying for these roles must remember that these roles are unpaid and the auditions are being done nationwide. You can send your audio recordings to until Saturday, April 30, 2016. You must not miss this chance, the earlier you apply, the greater are the chances of selection. Good Luck!

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