About the show The Inspectors:

Set in Washington D.C., ‘The Inspectors’ is a newly scripted show inspired by gripping real stories and cases the United States Postal Inspection Service handles. Preston Wainwright, (played by Bret Green) has been shown as a determined teen who is reaching new benchmarks of success after being paralyzed in a car incident is now working with his U.S. Portal Inspector Mom Amanda, (played by the talented Jessica Lundy) as an intern. In the series, Preston and Amanda will be seen solving many cases from internet scams, consumer fraud to mail and identity theft.

Casting Calls Notice

All those interested to play part in the new show must look below for the details.

  1. Casting call for Cronies:

For the role of cronies, the team of the new show is looking for some burly laborious type males in their 30s, 40s and 50s. Males of all ethnicities will be given an equal chance to prove their skills. All those men fitting the description and currently looking for an acting job must send in their details with the subject line Cronies 05.02.

  1. Casting call for Henchmen Crony:

To play the part of Henchmen Crony, the production team is looking for men in their late 20s or early 30s, belonging to any ethnicity. The team will not be providing for the professional attire, so all interested candidates must come with their own. Place Henchmen Crony 05.02 in the subject line when applying for the part.

  1. Casting Call for Assistant Crony:

For this particular role, the team will be inviting applications form females, in their late 20s and early 30s, belonging to any ethnicity. The ideal candidate must have her own professional business attire and will also seem to be a bit edgy. Preference will be given to new faces that haven’t appeared in any other show before. Interested candidates must send in their details via email with the subject line Assistant Crony 05.02.

Additional information

  • Call times will be as early as 7:30 am
  • If interested email

  • The team will require participants to be available for longer hours preferably the whole day or at least 10+ hours.

  • The pay for the standard 8 hours is $115, which is guaranteed. The selected candidate will be paid half the amount for each hour after the completion of 8 hours.

  • Interested participants must not forget to mention for what role they are applying in subject line.

  • The requisites in the email must include:

  1. A recent photograph (headshot)

  2. Accurate information about height, weight wardrobe sizes contact information and location.

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