A haunting tale of a girl that washes ashore and the broken family that takes her in. ‘Mermaid Homesick’ is a morose pondering of love, loneliness, and trust.

A film that marries epic ocean scenery to intimate character drama, this film will allow it’s talent the opportunity to go all out with complicated, strong characters in a comfortable but professional environment.

The production will take place on a coastal location over the course of two days, during which accomodation, catering and transport will be provided.

We will be hosting auditions on the 4th of April in East Brunswick, with casting decisions to be made on the 5th. The shoot should take place around the 16th-17th of April, which may have to be altered due to extraneous circumstances.

Ideal applicants will have flexible availability and the ability to work effectively under a tight schedule.

Special Requirements:
– A parent or responsible adult will be legally required to accompany the talent at all times on set.

Please apply if you have any queries, wish to request a copy of the screenplay or to contact us in any way.

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


A little girl who struggles to empathise. She is excitable and means well, but is often unable to understand why things are happening. Larger than life, bubbly but ready to burst into anger at any moment.

A role for a young actor who can take direction and work through scenes promptly. A fun role with a naiveté.

Females, aged 7 to 10 from Victoria, Australia

  • Minimum Acting experience:
    No previous acting experience

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