We are an Events Company that cater for Children and adults
We help them gain experience in the modelling and Fashion industry.
We run Events and also provide Runway Shows for Charity Fundraiser & Festivals throughout the year.
We are currently seeking new talent for upcoming shows in Melbourne

Little Stars Runway aims to help children and teens aged 3-16 years build resilience, confidence and self-esteem.
They will discover their personal strengths and attributes, working together as a team and building their self-confidence.
It is also a wonderful opportunity for them to express themselves creatively in a safe and supportive environment.

This is a fantastic opportunity to gain experience and build their portfolio for future wok in the industry.

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Boys and girls aged 3- 16 years of age

Please Note:
We are not a Modelling agency , we provide guidance and give all our participants the opportunity to get on the stage /Catwalk showcasing many well known labels. We also provide them with workshops at Susan Johnson so that the can be prepared for our Events.

Any gender, aged 3 to 16 from Victoria, Australia

  • Minimum Modeling experience:
    Beginner, starting out

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