Title: Childrens Entertainer Required

Actors for fun weekend work in Children’s Entertainment.

Job title: Superhero! – Children’s Party Entertainer

Description / duties: – You will entertain at Children’s Birthday parties, dressed as one of our character’s (costumes provided see website to view them), following our format, but adding your own wit, charm and physical prowess!!!

Skills required: You must be enthusiastic, exciting, and outgoing. You must be patient, and
good with kids. You must have a car & license. Above all, you must be willing to rediscover
your ‘Inner Child’ and be comfortable in playing children’s games for a living!

Experience required: No formal experience necessary, though the skills needed may suit
Drama or Education students.

Hours offered: Weekends mostly, generally 2-4hrs (see Rate of Pay) per weekend, must be
available both days between 10am-4pm.

Location: Based in the Entertainment Quarter, we work Sydney wide.

Casual, part time or full time? Casual

Rate of pay: Rates start at $70 – $100 for the first hour, then $60 for every hour after that. Those with more experience may be offered higher rates


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