About the Show

Outcast is a new show also based on the novel by the same name. The story revolves around Kyle Barnes who is played by Patrick Fugit. Alongside Patrick Fugit is Philip Glenister, Wrenn Schmidt, Reg. E Cathey and David Denman. The story is written and produced by the famous ‘The Walking Dead’ director Robert Kirkman. The story is about Kyle, a man who lives alone in the same house that he grew up in and stays isolated from everyone around him.  The town is packed with demonic possessions and horrible crimes.

Details for Casting

Outcast has one full complete season and is now renewed for a second season where the cinema casting crew is now looking for young teenagers to be a part of the show as skateboarders. The show is being filmed in Rock Hill, South Carolina.


The casting crew is looking for 3 teenagers who can do a skateboarding scene.

  • The actors must be teenagers between the ages of 15 to 17 year olds or can also be in their early 20’s if they can still pass to look younger.
  • The actors can be of any kind of ethnicity.
  • The actors can be male and female.
  • The actors must be experienced with skateboarding and should own their own skateboards and bring it along with them to the auditions and shoots. The actors don’t need to be experienced with any skateboarding tricks or skills; they just need to be skating down the street.
  • The actors will be selected by their photos by the director of the show.


If you think you are suitable for this role, you can apply now. Please make sure to send in your CURRENT PHOTOS and your hairstyle and length of hair should also be visible in the photo. Also include your level of experience with skateboarding and if you have your own skateboard or not.

Make sure to add ‘SKATEBOARDER’ in your submission heading and add all the following details in your email: your age, ethnicity, gender, city, state, your name and parents name if you are a minor actor, your phone number, your height and weight, complete measurements of clothing, mention if you have any tattoos and where they are located if visible, what is your vehicle information.

Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.


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