Title: CL Casting Exciting show Seeking audience members! April Thurs 13th, Fri 14th, and Sat 15th. Atlanta, GA
Date: 12 April 2017 11:15 pm

CL Casting

Exciting show brought to you by the producers of “American Ninja Warriors”.

Obstacle type course show and we are seeking audience members to help cheer them through!!

April Thursday 13th, Friday 14th, and Saturday 15th.

Start and 11:30pm

Each Show will run 4-6 hours

Rate: $60/5 (12/hour)

You are guaranteed $60 and paid (12/hour) for any time worked after 5 hours!

Location: Turner Field Area

All ethnicities / 18 to 60

Please email RLFamilyGameShow@gmail.com

Include 3 pictures (head, body and profile)

age, height, weight and all contact info


Because of the nature of the course, at various points you will be required to sit, stand, and walk from one part of the course to the next. This will be taped outdoors!


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