Title: Colab Studio Productions is casting for new LYL Drama Series entitled “Return of LaSelle” Nashville, TN
Date: 23 November 2016 | 11:09 pm

Colab Studio Productions

Colab Studio Productions is casting for new LYL Drama Series entitled “Return of LaSelle”.

Concept: After running from her past for nearly five years, LaSelle returns to the fictional town of Neville, TN to face her demons.

We are casting for multiple roles as shooting will begin early 2017.

LaSelle Deloppa (Bi-racial, Age 21-31, Female, Average Size)

LaSelle is the protagonist of the series. LaSelle grew up in Neville with her mother and her best friend Christine.

LaSelle left for college for five years ago, and finally returns with a degree in Biology.

LaSelle is very kind, but has dealt with alot of bad experiences in Neville. She returns to face her demons.

Christine Dixon (Female, Caucasian, 18-31, tattoos are a plus, dark black hair a plus)

Christine is the best friend of LaSelle. Christine is very edgy and loves artistic things. Christine and LaSelle’s relationship has been rough ever since she left without saying goodbye. Christine is also the oldest of 5 siblings.

Shells Dixon (Female, Caucasian, Age 40-up)

Shells is the mother of Christine. Shells is not your typical mother as she is very cougarish. Shells still loves to party, and always act like a friend to her kids.

Pattie Deloppa (Female, Age 40-up, Bi-racial)

Pattie is the mother of LaSelle.

Pattie and LaSelle had a very close relationship in the past but after an incident with her dad, things changed.

Pattie is a very tough loving mother, and truly stands for family first.

Wesley Jennings (African American, Male, 21-31)

Welsey is a friend of LaSelle, and a resident in Neville.

He works at The Turnip Trunk, and soon begans dating Christine.

Welsey is very laid back and a romantic guy. Welsey is funny as well.

Jason Washington (Male, Caucasian, 21-31,Muscular, Athletic)

Jason is the ex-boyfriend of LaSelle. Jason is very attractive and knows that LaSelle will always have a place in his heart. Jason is very respectful and tends to be labeled as “The Good Guy”.

Bobby Lee (Male, Age 40-up, Must be bald or comfortable to shave head,

Bob is the uncle of Christine and brother of Shells. He has always been a father figure to Christine. Bob is very faithful.

Bob is battling cancer, but Christine doesn’t know.

Auditions Start Soon

If you are interested, please email lyltalent@gmail.com with first amd last name, contact number, headshots, and resume.


Good luck!!

Website: http://www.lylnetwork.com


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