Title: Commercial Casting Call Baker, Louisiana
Date: 23 June 2017 4:08 pm


Casting call

We are working on a commercial.

It’s marketing wall art, to let everyone know what we offer and hopefully with an end result of sells increase.

The commercial will be in a home setting including two ladies talking about the wall art.

The commercial will be used on Radio,TV, Internet and maybe an ad or two in a magazine.

If you are interested let me know.

The pay rate will be $225.00

It should take no more then an hour and will be shot in Baker Louisiana July 8th or the 15th depending on how quickly will fill the role.

We have a few beautiful ladies interested ,but we would like a few more before we start calling to make sure you have the voice to go with the look.

You can check our site out, so you’ll know what it is that you’ll be talking about!


For this commercial we have a certain look we are going for. We have a AA female and we are looking for a Caucasian female for the other role with no or few visible tattoos , no gold teeth ,no face piercings or red or blue, pink
( etc) hair.

We are looking for a well spoken lady.

You’ll have five lines to remember and say.






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