Company: Art’s House Schools
Compensation: Varies

Dear Fellow Artist,


Since 2005, Art’s House Schools (AHS) has provided music, dance, and art instruction to over 950 Coney Island residents, children and senior citizens.

 In 2015, we were honored to be the recipients of the Cultural Immigrant Initiative grant funded by the NYC Council. Since the inception of the initiative, AHS has provided art classes to over 200 senior citizens, from diverse backgrounds, in the Coney Island community.

This year we are expanding our program to include “A Cultural Spectacular.”   The cultural spectacular will be a one-day event that will host 350 to 500 persons from the 47th Council District and will exhibit traditional dance and music from around the world.

Why is this significant to you? I am hoping that you will collaborate with us to make this event a success! We are seeking dance and music groups featuring cultural/traditional styles from all over the globe. Prospective participants will need to have a 10 to 15-minute performance with a group of 10 or more with performers wearing traditional/cultural costumes.

The show is scheduled for late June 2017 (date TBA), and each group will be compensated for their performance.

If your organization is interested or has any questions about this opportunity, please contact me no later than Friday, April 27th at, to discuss this event and the details further. Thank you, and I look forward to working with you.



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