Swing of the Shovel Productions are currently finalizing crew for their third feature film ‘RASH’ an urban crime drama taking the story telling device of Akira Kurosawa RASHOMON showing three different view points leading to one act of violence. Three different characters – a young black musician, a female police officer and a paranoid conspiracy theorist – collide across the same forty-eight hours leading to tragedy in London.

The production will be groundbreaking for UK independent film-making following on from found footage films like Cloverfield, End of Watch, and new festival hit Tangerine shooting through three different I-Phone 5’s for character point of view shots creating a completely new innovate way of story telling for the film market. We have a continuing relationship with sales agents and distributors so we aim to sell the film for DVD and Video on Demand services after a successful Film Festival run.

And a LONDON based COSTUME DESIGNER. We have three lead characters and half a dozen supporting roles so a minimal cast. It’s set over 3days in London, modern day. Allot of scope for different specific styles as each of the three leads comes from a different generational age; Daisy, early 30s divorced, plain clothes officer / John, early 20s musician, lives on a north London estate / and Tom, late 30s/early 40s, online journalist a paranoid conspiracy theorist who despite his posh upbringing lives in a bed set. We’ve already started pre-production and have cast everyone. The shoot is at weekends only throughout April in London.

We look forward to hearing back from you.

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

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