The Project:
(Late June projected shooting dates)

At this point it really is unavoidable: Star Wars is back! And, with it so are the Annual Fan Film Awards, organised by LucasFilm that recognise the best fan films out there – the 2017 edition of which we aim to be a submission in. There have been some fun films recently – many of you may have seen the popular ‘Darth Maul: Apprentice’ film that’s been trending recently.

Our story revolves around the capture of a Sith – and covers strongly themes of good vs evil and the theology of ‘The Force’. We’re all active filmmakers in our own right coming together to work on a passion project as we were all inspired by STAR WARS. I realise this may not be for everyone, but for us it’s something we really feel strongly about and are doing it for the love of the subject matter. We will be conducting a crowd-funding campaign as well to supliment our budget and make sure this is done right, with the right production values.

Of course, design (costume, set, hair and make up) does play a large role in realizing this and it will be a great opportunity for us to explore these complex characters – and also really have fun with it.

Why do we want to make this film?
Well, it will be fun. From even the early pre-production stages we have thoroughly enjoyed the creative process on this and really are working hard to make something everyone involved will be proud of.

Above that though, it is a great chance to really free up as an actor and a creative, with the heavy use of costuming and make up, and we are hoping it will make a great showcase piece for everyone involved. With the release of new STAR WARS movies, it will also draw traffic to your showreel/website, etc and open you up to a new audience.

Who We Are:

We are CRO Productions.
We have achieved success in both short and corporate films including twice receiving Editors Choice at the BFI London Film Festival competition with Microsoft, selected for screening at the Short Film Corner of the Cannes Film Festival in 2009, 2011, and 2012, and also been official selection in a number of film festivals around the world. We have recently completed the prologue to a fantasy-film franchise as well (extracts available on request) that has been very well received.

Despite our age [in our twenties], we have gained experience in teaching Film as well with over 4 years in teaching experience at a Degree level, and more recently teaching specialist skills including RED (Cinema Grade camera used on films such as The Hobbit, Prometheus, Amazing Spiderman, etc) operation and SteadiCam operation. We were also the first educational institute to teach the new RED DRAGON camera (which has most recently been used to shoot Transformers 4) and will be shooting this project on the Dragon.

Expenses will be covered and agreed on well in advance of filmming (in Oxford) and everyone involved will receive a copy of the finished film and should they please, select clips and extracts for their own showreels as well.


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