Company: Hinton Battle Dance Academy
Location: Washington, DC

Applications Accepted Year Round email: 

HBDA Japan (Hinton Battle Dance Academy) seeks qualified dance teacher in the following dance disciplines: Neo-Classical Ballet, Hip Hop, Modern (Horton technique), and Rhythm Tap.
Hinton Battle’s Dance Academy, HBDA, is the official dance academy of Yoshimoto Kogyo, Japan, established in 2017 by Broadway’s legendary, three Time Tony Award Winner, Hinton Battle and Yoshimoto Entertainment. HBDA a 3 term academy is the intersection of innovative contemporary dance, virtuosic technique and charismatic showmanship. 

Location: Tokyo. Japan
Travel and hotel provided. 

Job Purpose: 

Report to Hinton Battle and Yoshimoto Team 

Key Performance Areas: 

Teach 2 classes per day – 5 days a week. 

To be responsible for all duties as required of HBDA and Yoshimoto Kogyo 

Commitment 1 to 3 months 

Qualifications: Recognized Degree, or 2-year professional Teaching Qualification, or 

Professional Performing Experience. 


Excellent interpersonal skills with students and HBDA; 

Energetic, self-motivated and able to use own initiative; 

Good organizational skills; 

Good communication skills; 

Team player; 

Please provide: Bio, Resume, Teaching experience, 2 letters of recommendation, Video of teaching, Your Teaching Philosophy, and Picture. 

att: HBDA Teach Application email:

Hinton Battle Dance Academy
29 Girard St.
Washington, Washington, 20002


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