We have started to organise a clubbing event and would like to collaborate with aspiring dancers who are interested in expanding their own portfolios. After the event, we will provide photos by the professional photographer in front of a backdrop stand that has company logos from the event (can be used for your portfolio) and your live performance. You are welcome to stay after work and enjoy our night. We are always looking for hardworking, honest and enthusiastic people to join our team. So if you want a job that you actually enjoy doing or want to work at some of the best clubbing events in Melbourne then apply now.

Date / Time: 8 April 2016
Venue: Word Lounge
Pay rate: Expenses paid + Ticket sales commission

Event Info:
Date / Time: 8 April 2016 / 10pm – 4am
Venue: Word Lounge
Music: EDM, house, Top 40, Hip Hop, R&B, Mashup


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