Title: Dark Horse: Lead & Supporting Actress Casting Call

The concealment of a young girl’s personality, Imogen, a reserved and timid character. Imogen is only able to be her true upbeat self around her only best friend Clara. Imogen’s fear of connecting with new people is the result of Clara passing away, this fear has took on the form of dark silhouetted figures which patrol the world following Imogen. Through her portrait drawings Imogen keeps Clara alive as a dead memory leaking into reality. This fading memory of Clara helps Imogen to overcome the dark entities- a manifestation of Imogen’s social anxiety, by finding her voice in her drawings and moving on from grief.

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(thorough character bio is available at request)

Short outline:
Imogen is a introverted, shy and timid young female character who suffers from social anxiety disorder.

She escapes through this disorder by:
Drawing portraits
Socializing with her best friend Clara

Her Goal:
To be socially comfortable around people

Her conflicts:
Supresses’ people’s appearance into one form (dark silhouetted figures), which stalk her, to rationalize her social disorder.

Females, aged 18 to 26 from United Kingdom

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    Previous unpaid speaking roles – Previous paid speaking roles
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