Title: Disney Movie “A Wrinkle in Time” Open Call for Lead Roles
Date: 22 July 2016 | 3:42 pm
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Disney Movie “A Wrinkle in Time” Open Call for Lead Roles

Disney Auditions for Movie A Wrinkle in Time in Boston

Disney is now holding open call auditions for their upcoming film “A Wrinkle in Time”. Boston Casting is holding open call auditions on Sunday, July 31st and Monday, August 1st in Boston, Massachusetts. They are seeking a mixed race girl ages 13 to 15 years old, a mixed race boy ages 5 to 7 and an African American, Asian or mixed race boy who is 15 to 17 years old for speaking roles in the movie.

About “A Wrinkle in Time”

Jennifer Lee, who wrote Disney’s “Frozen”, is adapting the award winning sci-fi novel A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle into a screenplay for Disney. The story follows children who travel through time and visit strange worlds in order to find their missing scientist father.According to Nola, the roles “described are presumably for main character Meg Murray, described in L’Engle’s book as having unruly, mouse-brown hair; her younger brother Charles; and their friend Calvin, described in the books as a redhead” so this is as amazing opportunity.

What They Are Looking For

Casting directors are auditioning actors who fit the below roles for the Disney movie “A Wrinkle in Time”.
Auditions are currently being held in Boston.

13 to 15 year old mixed race girl. “This girl is questioning her life, her place in the world and her family,” a casting description reads. “While troubled, she possesses untapped strength and intelligence which caries her through her search for truth.”

5-7 year old mixed race boy

15 to 17 year old boy who is African American, Asian or of mixed race

How to Apply

Those who fit the above roles and would like to audition for the Disney movie may attend either audition day below.

Auditions will be held on Sunday, July 31st, 2016 and Monday August 1st, 2016

Time: 10am to 2pm
Where: Boston Casting
129 Braintree St. Boston, MA 02134

Please bring a headshot and resume or photo and bio



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