“Chess is not always about winning, sometimes its simply about learning, and so is life”

We are filming a fantastic script about a young man hoping to do his ill grandfather proud in a chess tournament and need the help of a gaffer to bring the best out of this story!

Filming will take place over 2 days on May 28/ 29 across 6 locations (4 indoors, 2 outdoor). Previous experience is key, but we are looking for enthusiasm more than anything else!

We can provide a camera (Canon 7D with multiple lenses), but we will need the DoP to provide some additional equipment. There will be some panning shots and some tracking shots, so ideally a tripod with a fluid head and a camera stabiliser will be needed.

As this budget is being done on a budget only expenses will be covered (along with a crew and cast dinner afterwards). This is the first of several scripts that the director has written and is developing, so if all goes well then there will most definitely be future paid opportunities!

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

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