Looking for a good timekeeper. A reliable drummer whom have good rhythms to join our band(vocals/Guitarist,bassist). If you can sing harmony it’ll be a plus. If you do not have a drumset it’s fine. A cajon/tambourine or pieces of percussions will do for now. And preferably you live in town or close enough you don’t mind travelling here. We are working on some originals at the moment with the likes of what we enjoy playing – old pop, rock songs(60s,70s) Example: doobie brothers, beatles, steppenwolf, jimi hendrix. etc.

Ideally, somebody who have solid timing of course. So, you have to possess a good level of skill and understanding. No beginners thank you. Don’t have to be able to do what a jazz drummer can do, think ‘Ringo Star’.

If you think you are the one for this. Send me a simple audio from your phone or what not. Then we’ll meet up and have a jam.


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