Title: Drummer Wanted for Fun Pop Punk/Pop Rock Style Covers Band

I’m a guitarist/bassist/vocalist from the midlands, I have an extremely varied music taste ranging from pretty much everything however my first love was pop punk/pop rock stuff and I will always be a pop punk kid deep down.

i have been playing in original bands now for years, some of them have done okay for themselves (I got to record in america, support punk legends bad religion and play a stadium supporting a pop band) and some of them haven’t done so well, but in all of them I was always let down somewhere along the way and the band fell apart so therefore I am now looking to try something new.

my idea is to take a range of modern chart songs, pop songs,classic pop songs, pop rock, chart hits from various eras and more rock the crap out of them, make them a million times better and rockier putting a punk pop spin on them and an infectious energy to keep the people on the dance floor.

in other words I am 100% not looking to be just another average ordinary covers band knocking out the same old songs in the same old fashion on a Saturday night down your local, there is way to much of this in the scene and I want something lively, energetic full of character and different from what has become a very competitive scene so if you are not interested in putting a different take on songs and you are after a normal covers band then this wont be for you I want to have bigger bookings than constant pubs hopefully booking weddings and parties as well as the occasional pub gig, i’m thinking along the lines of

me first and the gimmes
the punk goes pop album series
new found glory
green day
alkaline trio
blink 182 etc etc

i’m looking for this to be as successful as possible so dedication would be a must, i’m looking for ambitious high quality musicians with pro gear who want to have some fun and get a successful project off the ground together with full input on ideas to make this the best it can be, someone with experience in a successful covers band would be great, the whole covers thing is a new one for me but with the right people we can talk through ideas and get this going hopefully approaching an agency once we are up and running for regular work

If you don’t think playing modern charts rocked up is your thing, then please do not apply you will be wasting your time

There are cover bands playing the same 30 songs in the same way and they wonder why they are being dropped from their current venues.

professional musicians with experience, played lots of shows and can hopefully harmonize is what i am looking for. Hope i’m not asking for too much here, so apply if you fancy getting involved


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