Title: Eight Dancers Wanted for a Music Video

NBS Entertainment is shooting the video of ” The Boss” in May. So if you are a dancer and you like to appear in videos this is your Opportunity. There will be a Swim Pool Shoot, Office Shoot, Corporate shoot and a bit party shoots. So the Men should be able to come with Suits as it requires in the Video. Ladies, come with your bikini dress and a normal pant and Bra for room Shoots. We will be Paying 20 Euro for transportation to each person.

4 female required

Come with your Bikini dress, night dress, if you have suits come with a pair as we will be shooting with Private Jet, or Helicopter Plane and in Office So you need to get your dress ready. We will be shooting also in the Pools.

Females, aged 18 to 99 from Germany

  • Minimum Dancing ability:

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