The casting crew of “Shots Fired” is hoping to fill a large number of roles from talented people who don’t mind appearing in smaller roles.

The upcoming filming of the show needs people to portray protesters to take part in a 3 day shooting sequence These particular protest and riot scenes will be filmed in the Mooresville area.

A large number of protestors:

The protestors need to be male and belong to different ethnicities. The age groups that can apply for the role include people from 18 years on to those in their 30s. Even people who are in their 40s can apply subject only to the fact that they look younger than their age. People from all ethnicities are requested to apply.

A large number of Police/Military/Swat Personnel

The casting for these roles is restricted to Caucasian Males who have the height of 5’10” or taller. They need to be fit in their body shape and must be clean shaved. The role requires you to be comfortable in riot gear such as Masks, Helmets, Vests, Riot Shields and Carrying Weapons etc.

People auditioning for the shoot should be ready for long hours of Day shoots which may stretch for over 12 hours. Any one hoping to get the job needs to have valid and reliable transportation as well. The amount paid is yet to be announced.

About the Project

The new series “Shots Fired” is a FOX drama that is based on racial tensions that escalated back in the day in the US. The show has a heavy content formulation with police shootings, racial discrimination and other incidents that led to the creation of Black Lives Matter Movement being discussed. The show will take a closer look at the events that have led to a growing scrutiny over the role of police in these incidents.

Some of the notable entries as cast of the show include:

  • Helen Hunt as the fictional Governor of North Carolina
  • Richard Dreyfuss will be playing the role of real estate mogul who owns a private prison and is involved with the shootings
  • “True Blood” Actor Vet Stephen Moyer who plays the role of Officer Breeland a seasoned Sheriff’s department officer caught in the investigation.
  • Age
  • Height
  • Shoe Size
  • Tattoos (location)
  • Age
  • Professional experience acting as police or military
  • Car year, model and make
  • Bust, Dress, Hip and Waist Size

In addition to the following, you need to attach a close up picture of yourself and a full body photo.

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