Title: Extras Needed for Salvos Red Shield Appeal content

Every year, The Salvation Army helps more than one million people across Australia and is one of the nation’s largest social services providers. The Salvos offer a wide range of services, from homelessness services to material aid to domestic violence victim support.

In order to promote awareness of this work, The Salvation Army is producing a featurette called ‘Always There’, which will focus on five different services The Salvation Army offers on any given day. Structured as a series of thirty second snapshots, this piece will initially be used at an event to launch the 2016 Red Shield Appeal. It will then be used on various Salvation Army social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.

We are looking for two groups of extras to play Salvation Army services clients. One group at a meal on Friday the 15th of April in the morning; the second group are people in homelessness on Sunday the 17th at night. Involvement in this project is on a voluntary basis and your support will be greatly appreciated.

Salvo Studios utilises the latest in cinema technology including the RED Epic Dragon camera, making this piece of very high quality, ideal for inclusion in showreels and portfolios.


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