Opera and Ballet International are looking for men and women to take part in Tosca and Carmen at Windsor Theatre Royal.

Tosca on Tuesday 1st March: you will be acting as priests, nuns or the general public attending the church service.

Carmen on the Wednesday 2nd March: Men will be soldiers or civilians in act 1, gypsies in act 2 in the tavern scene, smugglers in act 3 in the mountain scene and bull fighters in act 4. Women will be cigarette girls in act 1, they will also take part in act 2 and 3 as gypsies/smugglers and will be dressed up in their finery in Act 4 for the final parade with the bull fighters.

Timings for both nights: You need to be at the theatre stage door at 5.00 pm. There is a rehearsal on the day of the performance at 6.00 pm at the theatre. The performance will commence at 7.30pm. For Tosca you will be finished at 8:40 pm for Carmen approx 10:40.

Costumes: Can men please bring black shoes, black trousers and white shirt; can women bring white or cream ballet or slip on shoes.

Please apply now so you can be put on the stage door list (you would be welcome to come for either both nights or one night). We have had a lot of positive feedback about taking part in these operas.

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