Title: Extras Required for a Short Film [Black to White]


Melbourne / Malvern East – On Sunday 17 th April 2016

We are looking for around 30 extras for our short film.
The scene the extras will take part in is a school play in a secondary school.
The intention is to create an audience like a family reunion for a big event at school.

The people we are requesting is both gender , ages between 10 to 50.

Teenagers are very welcome to apply for these acting roles.

The outfit request for the teenagers is a white shirt with grey/black/dark blue trousers.

The film is about 48 hours in the life of a Syrian migrant family which has had to run away from war and persecution in search of security, safety and provide a healthy life for their children in Australia. Essentially it is how children survive when torn between two different cultures.

The film will also be professionally produced from a production perspective, so this is an excellent opportunity to utilise your portfolio.
For more info please contact the producer:
Daniela Ercoli
Producer – Black to White
Looking forward to hearing from you!

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


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