Title: Extras Required for Brothel Scenes in Feature Film “Blue Grace”

The film is about a young disaffected Jewish man who forms a relationship with a sex worker who has run away from home. The scenes in question start off with Grace, originally known as Camilla, beginning work at the brothel, continue with Grace getting into a fight in the changing rooms with another worker who she doesn’t get along with, and ending with a scene involving the workers being introduced to a business contingent, which happens to contain Grace’s brother who has been looking for her for the best part of a year. Requiring extras to play brothel workers.

Brothel workers

The brothel workers vary in size, shape, ethnicity and hair colour to mention a few things. The scene involving nudity will be the changing room scene where Grace fights another worker and it just consists of the workers getting changed and one or two of the workers walking around with nothing on, which after having conducted research on the matter during pre-production and production, is a realistic scenario. Please let me know if nudity is something that you are comfortable with.

Females, aged 18 to 50 from Victoria, Australia (nudity may be required)

  • Minimum Acting experience:
  • Languages:

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