Helen Mirren Movie Casting Lead Roles

Casting directors are now casting actors, models, and talent to work on the new movie starring Helen Mirren, The Leisure Seeker, now filming in Atlanta, Georgia. Casting directors are looking for extras to play priests, grave diggers, and other featured roles. Filming starts on Friday, July 29th in Atlanta.

About The Leisure Seeker:

Helen Mirren and Donald Sutherland are teaming for The Leisure Seeker, a road movie about a retired couple who embark on an adventure in a Winnebago. The movie is based on a novel by Michael Zadoorian. Helen Mirren is known for her Academy Award winning performance as The Queen in 2006. Donald Sutherland is most known for his role in The Hunger Games as President Snow.

There are several roles that need to be filled.  Many of these roles are featured roles and have speaking lines and play a big part in important scenes.  This is an incredible opportunity for you to expand your horizons and act in what will surely be a memorable film with award-winning actors and actresses.


Seeking a Caucasian male to portray a priest. Should be between the ages of 50-60s. All shapes and sizes of priest-types welcome.
Subject: PRIEST
Works on Friday, July 29th
Rate: $64/8

Seeking Caucasian and African American males to portray grave diggers for a funeral. Should be between 20-30s with an athletic build. 
Subject: DIG 
Works on Friday, July 29th
Rate: $64/8

Seeking males and females ages 18+ of any ethnicity to portray mourners. You must own a dark suit, dress or outfit for this scene. Please submit at least one full-length photo of you in ‘funeral attire’
Subject: CASKET
Works on Friday, July 29th
Rate: $64/8

Seeking male and female kids ages 8-17 to portray school kids. All ethnicities, shapes and sizes should apply. Please make sure to also include the PARENT NAME and NUMBER in the submission.
Subject: RULERS
Works on Tuesday August 16th
Rate: $120/8

Seeking males and females all ages of any ethnicity to work as family or friends of elderly folks. 
Subject: VISITOR
Works on Wednesday, August 24th
Rate: $64/8

Seeking males or females of any ethnicity to portray doctors. Should be between the ages 35-60 yrs. Clean-cut and well-groomed. Please dress in business attire or doctor attire.
Subject: MEDIC
Works on August 24th and 25th – must be available for BOTH days
Rate: $64/8

Seeking males and females of any ethnicity to portray nurses. Should be between 23-50 yrs. If you have any real-life nursing experience, please list it in your email.
Works on August 24th and 25thmust be available for BOTH days
Rate: $64/8

All roles will film in the Atlanta and surrounding area. Rate for all roles is $64/8 unless otherwise specified.

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