A new artist with a flair for performance art is creating a music video. We need featured extras who aren’t afraid to occupy the screen – perhaps you have your own flair for comedy. Although this artist is new we think they are superbly talented and the song has serious radio-play potential so we want to help them launch their career with a unique music video. Are you keen to help a fellow creative launch their dream and pick up a nice portfolio piece for yourself into the bargain?

Featured extras – varied roles

We have a central protagonist who will interact with passers by. He’s going to steal things that belong to you and we’re going to work through a variety of reactions. We probably need you for a couple of hours in a morning or afternoon – it could be a week day so please advise upfront of any availability issues

Any gender, aged 18 to 45 from Auckland, New Zealand

  • Minimum Acting experience:

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