Title: Female Actress Required for Main Role in Psychological/Thriller Short Film

Television Production students from Bournemouth University creating a short, psychological/thriller piece based around issues of bullying.

The film shoot is on Thursday 21st April – Friday 22nd April. We will be shooting outside on the Thursday, and will be requiring an actress from 10:30am until approximately 3pm. We will require an actress from 10am until 12pm the following day, where we will be shooting inside.

Unfortunately this opportunity is not paid, however would be great for someone trying to put together a showreel or portfolio. Lunch will be provided.

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Main Actress

The character will be a young female who has been experiencing issues of bullying. The bullying is beginning to take over her life and she finds herself in a woodland area being taunted by different objects, noises and people. She gradually begins to feel more overwhelmed, panicked and scared throughout the piece, however at the end she is more calm and relaxed.

Females, aged 18 to 24 from Bournemouth, United Kingdom

  • Acting experience:
    No previous acting experience – Extra
  • Languages:

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