Shooting a 3 minute short for the 2016 Nespresso Short Film competition.
Filming around Camden Town on Saturday 2nd April.

It’s just a small cameo role and shouldn’t take longer than an hour, so if you’re free and don’t mind popping round to Camden, join us!

UNPAID, but as always, it’s good experience and something to add to your showreel.
It will be fun, and you’ll get to work with a promising young filmmaker!

Meeting at around 4pm (will confirm later).

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Girlfriend / Wife

You’ll be in two or three scenes so will need to bring two or three different outfits, playing the role of the girlfriend/wife. As said, it’s only a cameo role, so each scene will only involve one or two shots.
The duration of the shoot won’t be more than 2 hours and likely much quicker.

Females, aged 22 to 32 from London, United Kingdom

  • Minimum Acting experience:
    No previous acting experience

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