Title: Female Dancers Required to Join Mixed-Styles Dance Troupe

Star Dancers UK is looking for more dancers to join our existing team.

We are a London-based, female-only professional dance troupe providing dance entertainment at corporate events, weddings, private functions and festivals. We perform a range of dance styles – Bollywood, Bellydance, Cabaret, Samba, Hula, Fusion and more. We are not an agency, nor do we employ dancers. If you are chosen as one of our dancers, you will freelance for us, which means you are free to accept other jobs and take part in other projects. All we ask is that once you have committed to a particular event with us, that you honour that commitment.

We want dancers who are:
– versatile: you would like to challenge yourself to be able to perform a wide variety of dance styles at a professional level
– committed: you are willing to commit to learning existing choreography in your own time, and attending rehearsals as required
– team players: you want to be part of a supportive group of like-minded ladies, and have the best interests of the group at heart. No egos.
– not in it just for the money: if your reason for joining is only to make money, then this group is not for you. This is not designed to be your main source of income.
– willing to learn: you appreciate that it takes time to perfect a new dance style regardless of how experienced a dancer you are, and you are willing to put in the time and effort to learn our styles and choreography

Ideally you will have had professional dance training, performance experience, and experience in a variety of dance styles.

Rehearsals are unpaid. Therefore to minimise the amount of rehearsal time needed, we expect dancers to be able to learn choreography in their own time from teaching videos we provide. Rehearsals will be once every 2 weeks for new dancers and will be mainly for cleaning and styling purposes. Once choreography has been learnt to the required standard, rehearsals will be held on an event-by-event basis.
Payment is per event, and depends on the event itself.

We typically perform at corporate events, weddings, private functions, festivals and PR activations. We also sometimes run workshops / hen parties. These are all paid jobs.
Occasionally we may also take part in unpaid promotional events to enhance the troupe’s profile and ask that dancers are willing to help out at these.

Auditions are by invitation only, once we have reviewed your profile, photos and videos. Please send us a link to a video of your dancing (if not already on your profile). Please also include your email address in your application.

Please do not apply if you are not able to commit to learning and practising choreography in your own time outside of rehearsals.


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