I am looking for camerman, assistant directors, sound recorders e.g to help me make my vision a reality of an adaptation based on Romeo and Juliet that I’d been commissioned to do, but for unseen circumstances the comissionee had dropped out. Whether this project will go forward or not depends on the applicants and am very excited at the prospect of it. I may also be open to producing more of these short adaptations if the first one is successful as I was originally going to do 4. Alongside this depending on the quality of the final film I am also looking to enter it into any film festivals happening in the UK, a chance to potentially gain more exposure and networking with others.

The video will be a roughly 20-25 minute adaptation of Romeo and Juliet and is pretty akin to the original, apart from small location, plot changes e.g to reflect both where this is being filmed and the budget it is on. It is a modern adaptation designed specifically to be suitable for a teenager/young adult audience.

For anyone who may not know, Romeo and Juliet is a Shakespearian play about a feud between two rival families- the Montagues and the Capulets. At the centre of this conflict are two star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet, with tragedy befalling them as a result of this feud.

Filming will likely take place over the course of June, possibly stretching into July but this is just rough-exact dates taking into account your availability will be organised if this project goes through. Will likely take place in areas such as West End, Hedge End, Eastleigh and those around it although this will all be properly arranged if the project goes ahead.

Even if I am only a student you can be assured that I am an experienced director, filmmaker, e.g seen in my starnow recommendations and quality of my previous projects so you can be assured that you are working with someone who will get the best out of everybody involved. I believe I have at my hands a unique and interesting take of the classic story and am so excited at the prospect of my most ambitious project so far. At the moment I am willing to pay small amounts for people to help out, however if you are willing to work for less, low pay or expenses only, this would be a big help! More details about the film can be shared once you’ve applied. Look forward to hearing from people who’d like to make my vision a reality!

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