Final Destination emerges once again as new producers prepare for casting and location scouting for a new film.  The series which started in 2000 has since made five different sequels.  The series has had multiple directors, producers, and screenplay writers, but James Wong and Jeffrey Reddick have been apart of all of them.

All five of the films focus on the protagonists and their terrible run-ins with death.  Death in these movies is not just a name for the end of life, Death is the main villain.  Death zones in on the main characters and makes sure they do not survive the duration of the movie.


In Final Destination, Death is often seen as a fleeting shadow before someone dies tragically.  The series is known for its intense build-ups and graphic deaths.  The main characters are often killed randomly, so the movie offers plenty of suspense.  Viewers spend most of the movie guessing when someone might catch their fate.  There are plenty of fan theories about the films about signs and tricks on how to escape their fate.

The new movie is casting nationwide.  The Final Destination franchise has earned over $645 Million in the box office since 2000.  The new movie will surely be a hit in the box office with the current trend of successful horror movies.  The Blair Witch remake made $28.1 Million in the box office since its release date on September 16th, 2016.


Males and Females, 18 – 24

Ethnicity: Any

Required Media: Head-shot/Photo


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