Title: for a print job. Atlanta, GA
Date: 29 May 2017 4:14 pm

Southern BG Casting

What we are booking:

This is for a print job .

We need you come very close to the sizes listed and hair color of each lady shown below.

Length and color. Very important.

You will not be in the photo just place cards for the shot.

Kind of alike a stand in but without the principles.

Will be a late afternoon – 1:00 am work time.

So need to be ok with that time.

Will work at Oglethorpe University Work date Friday 6/2 rate 200/8

Each photo has a number.

Yes we have 2 # 3 but one is a blonde and the other brunette.

Please click onto photos so you can see them larger.

#2 Blonde Height 5’4-5’6 Weight 115 -125 Dress size 2-4

#3 Brunette Height 5’5-5’7 Weight 125-130 dress 6-8

#3 Blonde Height 5’6-5’8 1Weight 20-135 dress 4-6

#4 Brunette Height 5’3-5’5 Weight 115-125 dress 0-2

#5 Blonde Height 5’0-5’3 Weight 100-105 dress 0-2

#6 Dk brunette Height 5’6-5’7 Weight 120-125 dress 4-6

Please post the most current photo.. List your height, weight dress sizes.

Do not forget to include your phone number.

E-mail bm2inatl@gmail.com


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