Title: Four Actors/Actresses Needed for Short Film 'Band of Rock'

“A Group of friends set out to become the worlds greatest rock band, however one of the biggest challenges is that the band has no idea what they are doing and ends up competing in a battle of the ‘Rock Band’ battle.”

This is a comedy STUDENT short film entirely produced from start to finish, it will be a great opportunity for actors and actresses wanting to build up more experience and get more content for their show reels.
We need 4 cast positions filled and we are not set on genders for any of the roles so if you like the sound of any role apply for it and others.

Lead Singer – The ‘good looking one’, super popular, the front of the band. They care too much about being popular and getting famous they forget about the music. Very self centred and obnoxious.

The Rhythm Guitarist – The quiet one, but has an underlying to be better than the Lead Guitarist. Always jealous of the lead and always trying to be one better. A little bit of a nerd and a dork, but cares about what is going on in the band with a passion.

The Bass Guitarist – A really out of it stoner. Just super chill and always wanting to have a good time. Doesn’t realize when things are their fault and just goes with the flow. An all around happy character, is the source and butt of a lot of the jokes.

The Drummer – The only one that is super talented and just really wants to be the best there ever has been. They really think they can make it and wants to be the very best they can. (For this particular role we are looking for someone who could actually play the drums, this is a preferred skill, not a requirement.)

If any or all of these roles sound like something you would be interested in performing as, please apply now with;
-Recent Show Reel
-Character(s) you would be interested in playing and why you think you would suit that.

Keep in mind we are shooting this film around MAY and it will be shot over the course of a few days in three locations around the SYDNEY and WESTERN SYDNEY areas.



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