Season 1 of the Fox drama series, “Shots Fired” has begun filming in Charlotte. There has been a last moment change of the casting directors. Marinella Hume Casting (MHC) has now taken charge as the casting directors and is now seeking actors to play the following roles:

The open casting call will be held in the upcoming week on 4th May 2016 in North Carolina (Charlotte). The casting directors are hoping that lots of locals will apply for the various non-speaking and speaking roles. Because of the sudden change of the casting directors during the ongoing production, there is limited time to execute the task of building the database of the interested candidates which usually take months or at least weeks. So the new casting directors require the townsfolk to help out in spreading the word around. All those people who have applied previously are required to make a submission again to MHC.

‘Shots Fired’ is an anthology which is based upon the racial prejudices and tensions in the United States in the past. The drama series will follow a typical format of other anthological series like “American Horror Story” and “American Crime”. In these shows there is a new story told in every season and the recurring cast also takes on the roles of different character in each season while the setting and the location of the series are also different.

The show has been created by Reggie Rock Bythwood of ‘Beyond the Lights’ and ‘Notorious’ along with Gina Prince Bythwood of ‘The Secret Life of Bees’ and ‘Beyond the Lights’. The direction will be done by Gina while the story writing is being carried out Rock Bythwood (both of them are also executive producing the series). The events of the new drama series is said to take place in atone of Tennessee where a sequence of shootings because of racial biasness. As a resultant the outrage and lack of faith propagates throughout the community. This fear and mistrust in several urban towns have taken a huge toll and a great number of publicized police shootings occurred. The show will depict the outrage of the public a=in general and scrutinize the departments of the police. The key investigator role is played by Sanaa Latha of ‘Love and Basketball’ whose main task is to unravel the mystery. She also has to collaborate with the department of Justice. The team will try to get to the bottom of the unrest and try to manage it while seeking justice simultaneously. Other actors that will be playing the lead roles are Stephen Moyer, Richard Dreyfuss and Helen Hunt. These three will play the roles of a polished veteran in the department of the Sheriff who also becomes a part of the investigation, a real estate tycoon who is involved quite intricately in the shootings (and also owns a private prison) and the governor of North Carolina respectively.

The date of the casting call is 4th May 2016.

The timings for the call are: 4:00 PM till 8:00 PM. The best part is that all those who appear for the show will not be turned away.

Only those people who are above the age of 18 years must attend the casting call. It is mandatory that you are dressed in your best attire. Wear:

  • Formal Clothes
  • Tuxedos
  • Business attire

Men are allowed to use hair products whilst women are encouraged to have a hairstyle made along with some natural makeup. Please attend the call as if you are ready for the camera.

The location of the casting call is Amelia’s French Bakery on 2424 North Davidson Street in Charlotte, North Carolina.

There will be no discrimination based upon age creed, race, religion, orientation and abilities.

You will have to make an account on before appearing for the casting call.

**Please note: Use Google Chrome to make your account**

Just in case you are unable to attend the casting call then you can send you name and 3 photographs on

Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.


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