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We are looking to cast for our new Feature film “Fortitudo” We still need a full cast and crew, We will be shooting the film over the summer in locations not far from Glasgow, unfortunately this is unpaid but expenses and food will be covered, if the film makes money it will be divided between cast and crew equally, Plus will look good on your CV/Showreels. We believe in this film and that it can do well and want people on bored who feel the same about film making and acting! Look forward to speaking to you.

Logline – When the Chief’s daughter is fatally wounded a group of young tribe’s folk must set out on
a quest to obtain the “uisce beatha” in a desperate attempt to save the young princess from
almost certain death. Whilst our young band of hero’s are on this perilous journey the elders
within the tribe begin to uncover the Chief’s deception and the real purpose of the quest.

Synopsis – When the Chief’s daughter is fatally wounded, Aodha, the Chief’s son, is
instructed to lead the younger generation of tribes folk to obtain the mythical Uisce Beatha,
in a last ditch attempt to save her life. On this journey Aodha must learn what it truly means
to lead, overcoming adversity not only from the outside world but also from within his own
group. Whilst on this journey the elders within the tribe start to uncover the real reason the
Chief sent their young on this journey. As Aodha transforms into a leader his father
transforms into a tyrant, ruling over his people by striking fear into their hearts. Aodha and
his band of followers reach the Uisce Beatha where Aodha’s new found leadership is put to
the ultimate test. He proves himself to the guardian and is granted one drop from the great
lake. Upon their return to the camp Aodha is informed that his younger sister is already dead
and that his father had sent him on the quest so that he may have the water of life and rule
over the tribe indefinitely. Aodha must put what he has learnt into action and make amends
for his father’s mistakes but can he do what he knows must be done and execute his own

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supporting actor,He is the scout of the group, very fast and agile, cares a lot about Aodha and Beast, He is very quiet but deadly, The perfect hunter. He is also very confident about himself and some times comes off arrogant.

Males, aged 18 to 28 from United Kingdom

  • Minimum Acting experience:
    No previous acting experience
  • Languages:
  • Accents:
    UK Scottish

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