About the Fundraiser

A fundraiser theater project named, ‘Perform for Orlando’ is taking place for the Orlando shooting victims, organized by Chromatico Lab Theater Project. They are casting for performers who possess unique skills, to generate funds for the Orlando attack victims. This fundraiser will take place at 224 Waverly Place West Village on the 25th of June at 7 pm.  People will be performing stories, songs, poems, monologues, and scenes remembering the victims of the horrible Orlando tragedy.

These performances will act to strengthen and help the families that lost their loved ones on June 12th. You can perform on any songs, monologues, poems, stories, rap, and scenes.

Details Regarding the Act

The time limit for the performance is between 3 to 8 minutes. To participate in the fundraiser, you can send an email at chromaticolab@gmail.com. You can also donate whatever you want at the door of the Chromatico Lab Theater. These donations will be forwarded to the GoFundMe campaign, which was specifically arranged for the victims and their families.

About Chromatico Lab

This theatre group aims to create plays written by new playwrights that do not come from powerful backgrounds. Here, people from all race, color, age, gender, religion, and sexual orientation are welcome to participate. The theatre promotes diversity and acceptance.

It is one of the artistic ways to show your support to the community and to be there for each other in times of grieving. Show your support, and apply away!

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