A new high-budget feature film is now casting actors, models, and talent for featured roles.  The movie is called, Den of Thieves, and it will star longtime star, Gerard ButlerSpecifically they need men and women with law enforcement experience or acting experience to play cops.  They also need people to play inmates for a prison scene.


Den of Thieves is about a group of thieves that organizes a heist to steal $120 Million from the Federal Reserve.  The movie stars Gerard Butler as the main thief in the operation.  He gained significant recognition for his role in Phantom of the Opera but then expanded his fame in the 2007 epic, 300.


Looking for: Men and women with military and law enforcement experience – looking for both clean cut men and muscular model-type men – undercover types so facial hair and tattoos are all great, too.

Looking for: All types of men for prison seen.  They will play inmates.

This is a great opportunity to work in a feature film starring Gerard Butler.  You will gain great experience working on camera with a professional crew that wants to make the best movie possible.  Working as an extra will help you gain much needed experience, and you will meet dozens of professionals that know what it takes to be successful in this competitive industry.

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