We are looking for males and females of all ages and all hair types to photograph before and after images of a new instant hair thickening product. The types and styles of hair that we are preferably looking for include but are not limited to the following:
– Long hair
– Short hair
– Thinning Hair of all levels of thinning
– Balding hair of all levels of balding
– All hair colours

We will require you for approximately 30 minutes but please allow 1 hour maximum location Gold Coast QLD.

Remuneration is $100 paid on the day.

To be considered for the job, please forward a 3 photos of your hair as part of your application.

Photo 1 taken from the top view, looking down on the top of your head.
Photo 2 taken from in front of your head capturing your face and fringe.
Photo 3 taken from behind your head, capturing your back neck line.


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