A new movie called, Half to Death is now casting tattoo artists to work.  It films on November 10th in New Orleans, Louisiana. Casting directors are looking for experienced tattoo artists to work on a scene filming in early November.


Half to Death is about a woman trapped in a horrible cycle of life and death.  She is murdered, but able to appear as a ghost for a certain amount of time until she figures out who killed her.  Her time is running out to figure out how she died so that the person can be convicted and she can rest in peace.  It is a very unique movie expected to do great at the box office.  The movie stars Jessica Rothe and is directed by Christopher Landon. It is from the creators of Insidious, Paranormal Activity, The Purge.


Subject: Tattoo artist
Include: Name, Height/Weight, Contact #, City of Residency, clear and current photo. No hats, sunglasses, pictures where we can’t see your entire face. Must be current.

This is a great opportunity to be apart of a feature film from well-established filmmakers.  You will work with industry professionals that will teach you what it takes to be successful.  Being paid to be an extra on a feature film is great for bolstering your acting portfolio and meeting new people that will open up new doors for you.

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