looking for a company/and or individuals in ESSEX or LONDON area to help advise, and engineer/produce projects that i am trying to put together. I have enough material for an album, much of it is in demo mode, i am planning to load onto here ASAP. I have limited facilities of my own, so any help will be appreciated.

I have applied to various listings on here, but fail to get a positive response.

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Please feel free to contact me to discuss the idea, I do not mind if you decide you feel it is not for you, i will appreciate response, because I have been given alot of hassle recently connected to my efforts, and trying to get back on my feet, ( i will explain this after reply).
Someone who can see potential, and is not just going to blindly look at my profile and dismiss it. someone easy-going but insightful and helpful, with a good musical ear, able to perceive ideas with arrangement skills

Any gender, aged 18 to 99 from Southend-on-Sea, United Kingdom

  • Producer ability:
    Intermediate – Expert

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