Title: In Search for an Awesome Co-Writter, to Help Realise Several Projects!

Hey there, I am an ambitious and young, aspiring director/ film maker, who is looking for an awesome collaborative writing partner!! (Awesomeness essential).

Initially to help me start with a short-film project, which I hope to use as a stepping stone into larger projects (especially TV series work).

I am hoping to find someone who I work well with, have similar interests with, however, someone who is not afraid to critique and propose alternate ideas. My initial projects are more drama orientated, but i also have some comedy projects for down the line as well. I like to think I am an artist, without being too pretentious – I hope to have it reflect in the work we create.

The right person also needs to be willing to invest their own time (without pay) into this process, knowing that one day it could pay off big for us both. I will try to cover expenses for the person (travel/ food). I hope you will be living in near/in Australia or New Zealand.

I have a huge bag full of ideas… short film, feature, and tv series, but I need someone who knows the physically written structure and order of film, and help me get these ideas ready to go shove into the face of every production company in Australia/NZ!

If this sounds interesting to you, hit me up and lets take it from there!

Woohoo! + other sounds of enthusiasm.

P.S I am currently living overseas but am returning to NZ at the end of this year.

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


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