Title: Fashion Merchandise and Sales
Date: 26 October 2016 | 5:12 pm

is looking for Fashion Merchandise and Sales

New York, United States

October 26, 2016

Karolina Zmarlak is a women’s luxury designer collection, specialized in tailored modernist designs. The intern for Karolina Zmarlak would have direct day-to-day involvement with the team and the designer, working on different aspects of the business, such as sales, showroom support, and merchandise organization.



Merchandise or sales background.



– Manage and create new organization systems with designer. This will include everything from line sheet development, to studio merchandising & spatial organization;
– Support on trunk show events;
– Support on VP client appointments and custom services
– Responsibilities will also depend on intern’s specific skills and desires for area of improvement.

This work environment can be extremely fast paced, but rewarding and self-fulfilling with personal growth and industry experience.

Cover letter should include available start date, days/times of week availability, graduation date, and your proposed contribution to the team.

Please note – this internship is a minimum of 4 months, with 4 to 6 months expected.


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