Title: Honey Butter Lover seeks DESIGN DEVELOPMENT
Date: 9 July 2017 12:13 am


California, United States

July 08, 2017

Honey Butter Lover is a small start-up who’s focus is to bring art to everyday life; to carry it with you, draped over your shoulders and against your skin, what could be better than that?

Each piece from our Collection is a unique work-of-art:
Artist-made using high end quality remnant and limited supply materials;
Or a Pre-loved or vintage garment given a new life as a wearable canvas.

This is a great opportunity for the right individual with the possibility of a long term and permanent position within the company. You will be working directly with The Owner/Designer and have the opportunity to gain a lot of experience and learn everything that goes into designing and starting up a fashion Brand/company.
Looking for someone who has a Positive Attitude and understanding of the Brand and Brand’s Aesthetic.
Entrepreneurial, big picture thinker with patience and Dedication.
Must be willing to learn and work hard.
Must be willing to take on different roles in all aspects of design and product development, especially Organizing.


-Extremely organized/ efficient and task oriented
-A keen interest in Fashion and Art throughout history
Renaissance, Fairy tales, as well as contemporary art and Sci-Fi Futuristic.
-Must be Patient, and A Visionary, able to see the big picture and work to achieve it.
-Must have knowledge of fashion
-Great eye for Mood boards and compiling concepts
-Out-of the box thinker
-Excellent Writing Skills
-Detail Orientated
-Problem Solver
-Self Motivated
-Quick responding
– MUST communicate clearly
-Understand high pressure, fast pace, time management and critical thinking
– Proficient in Photoshop and Illustrator


-Social Media Savvy (Instagram, twitter, facebook, snapchat)

-Understand design, constructions, patterns, sewing techniques and high management skill

-know how to use sewing machine and hand-sewing.

– Knowledge of CAD and Line Sheets, Tech Packs etc.


-Candidate should be able to work well with data/charts along with more creative tasks

-Assist Design Development; put together all packages i.e. Technical packages, cut tickets, trims, etc.

-Keeping track of development sample charts and daily updates

-Archiving trim library and keeping trims organized

-Helping assist designer as needed with swatches, sourcing materials and documents

-General organization & maintenance of samples and other relevant information


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