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Gateway Playhouse 2017 Open Call for Singers


Seeking actor/singers for all roles and ensemble for the productions in the 2017 Season: RENT, SWING, ON THE TOWN, MAMMA MIA, LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, and A CHRISTMAS STORY


Book and Lyrics: Jonathan Larson
Director: TBD
Choreographer: TBD 
Dates: Reh: May 2- May 17th. 
Perf: May 17th -June 3rd 

Mid-to-late 20s, any ethnicity. A filmmaker. Left behind his Jewish community and affluent upbringing to pursue his craft. Would rather tell the story than be the story. Hides behind his camera. Range: Baritone/Second Tenor. 

Mid-to-late 20s, any ethnicity. Former front man for a fledgling rock band. Lives a life of a tortured artist and is a recovering drug addict who is HIV positive. Searches for meaning through his songwriting and guitar. Playing guitar a plus. Rock Tenor. 

late 20s to early 30s, any ethnicity. Philosopher, professor, activist. Former roommate of Mark, Roger, and Benny. Angel’s lover. The patriarch. Strong, yet warm presence. Range: Baritone. 

late 20s to mid 30s, any ethnicity. Went to college with Mark. Lived with Roger, Collins, Maureen and Mark. Married into a wealthy family. Hopes to fulfill dream of building an arts studio for his friends, while making money for his father-in-law. Range: Baritone/second tenor. 

early to mid-20s, any ethnicity. Living with AIDS. Warm, lovable, nurturing, and honest. The mother hen. Must be able to dance in heels. Range: High tenor with great falsetto. 

early to mid 20s, any ethnicity. Sexy and street smart. She works in a strip club and struggles with her addiction to heroin, which has resulted in her contraction of HIV. She falls in love with Roger, who is unable to commit to a relationship with her. Raw voice with high belt. Range: Mezzo Soprano. 

(mid-to-late 20s, any ethnicity. A performance artist. Not as good as she leads on. Lover of Joanne. Selfish. Big vocal range. Range: Mezzo Soprano. 

(late-20s to 30s, any ethnicity. Harvard grad, lawyer. Affluent upbringing. Comfortable with her artistic liberal way of life and conservative upbringing. Insecure in her relationship with Maureen. Dry wit. Range: Mezzo Soprano- with pop belt . 

ENSEMBLE WOMEN: (20s-30s) Great actors/singers who move well to portray various characters including: Alexi Darling, Mark’s Mom, Roger’s Mom, Joanne’s Mom, Seasons of Love Soloist, and more. 


Production Swing
Reh: May 24th – June 7th.
Perf: June 7th – June 24th . 


Production On the Town– 
Reh: June 14th – June 28th. 
Perf:June 28th – July 15th .

OZZIE: Ages 22 – 32. Vocal range: Character baritone, F flat to C. Ozzie is one of three sailors on 24-hour shore leave in New York City. Of the three, he is the most worldly and most interested in meeting a girl for a fling during his day in the City. Ozzie feels a tremendous loyalty to Gabey, who at some point during their lives in the Navy saved the lives of Ozzie, Chip and others. Ozzie should be able to present himself as a relatively big and strong person (in one scene he is said to resemble a statue of a prehistoric man in the Natural History Museum). Ozzie’s love interest is Clair de Loone, a budding anthropologist. Strong movement abilities; strong comic actor.

CHIP: Ages 18 – 28. Vocal range: Baritone, G flat to G. Chip is one of three sailors on 24-hour shore leave in New York City. Of the three, he is the most naive and the one least interested in meeting a girl for a fling during his day in the City (though he is not completely uninterested). He wants to see the sights of New York City so he can tell his Dad all about them, as is made clear in his duet with Hildy, “Come Up To My Place.” Strong comic actor.

GABEY: Ages 22 – 34. Vocal range: Baritone, G flat to G. Gabey is the third sailor on shore leave and the one most prone to being a romantic. He has performed some unknown heroic deeds on his ship. Gabey falls in love with the ideal of a woman as presented in a post of “Miss Turnstiles” (Ivy Smith) and spends the show pursuing her. The actor portraying Gabey must be able to authentically project his naivete, his optimism and his romanticism. Gabey is involved in several dance sequences. Strong dance/movement abilities; strong vocals and acting.

CLAIR: Ages 22 – 32. Soprano, low F to high C. Clair de Loone is a self-described “cold blood scientist,” an anthropologist to be precise who cannot control her impulses. She is engaged in the study of man in order to control her impulses. The actress portraying Clair must have a strong singing voice and great comic timing. Although she is engaged to be married to Judge Pitkin W. Bridgework, Clair’s love interest is Ozzie. Strong comic actress and strong dancer as well.

HILDY: Ages 20 – 32. Mezzo-soprano, low A to high G. Hildy is a cab driver who is desperately hungry for a man. She shares an apartment with Lucy Schmeeler, wherein one girl lives in the apartment 12 hours a day while the other is working. Hildy meets Chip when Chip is looking for a cab and then spends much of the rest of the show trying to seduce him. Hildy also has a soft side and wants to help Gabey over his disappointment of not being able to find Miss Turnstiles. Strong comic actress.

IVY: Ages: 22 – 32. Mezzo-soprano, low C to high G. Ivy Smith is “Miss Turnstiles,” and she is by turns an innocent as well as someone who is a bit conniving as she tries to get ahead. At heart, though, she is a romantic. Her love interest is Gabey. The actress portraying Ivy must be able convincingly to portray her striving to better herself while also maintaining her essential optimism. Ivy’s role is primarily a dancing role, she has a number of dance sequences and it is important that she be either a dancer or one who can learn movement easily.

MADAME DILLY: Ages 45 – 65. Mezzo-soprano, C to high E flat. Madame Dilly is Ivy’s singing teacher and very much a lush. She provides comic relief and is a bit of a conniver. Strong comedic presence. Will double as little old lady who appears in various chase scenes and the ensemble. May double as Diana Dream and Dolores Dolores.

WORKMAN 1: Judge Pitkin is engaged to Clair de Loone. He is a bit too understanding of Clair’s problems with man. A dignified fellow with great comic timing. Will double as a workman and in the ensemble. May double as Workman 1. Workman 1 opens the show with the soulful lament, “I Feel Like I’m Not Out of Bed Yet.” If Workman 1 and Pitkin are played by separate actors, Workman 1 may double as Rajah Bimmy and an announcer. DIANA: Ages 22 – 35. Soprano. Dolores Diana Dream and Dolores Dolores are nightclub singers who appear and sing rather depressingly when the group is trying to cheer up Gabe. May double as Flossie.

RAJAH BIMMY: Ages 30 – 65. Bass Rajah is the MC for a dancing show featuring Ivy. Will double as Miss Turnstiles announcer.

LUCY SCHMEELER: Hildy’s roommate. She has a terrible cold and provides comic relief. Strong comedic actor. Will double in the ensemble and be a dancer in various scenes. If you are auditioning for the Lucy role, you will be given a speaking part to work with at the audition.

FLOSSIE: Flossie is a character on the subway in each subway scene who tells an elaborate story about an altercation with her boss throughout the show. Strong comedic actress. Will double in the ensemble and be a dancer in various scenes. May double as the singer Diana Dream/Dolores Dolores. If you are auditioning for the Flossie role, you will be given a speaking part to work with at the audition. —————

Music and Lyrics: Benny Andersson & Björn Ulvaeus Book: Catherine Johnson
Director: TBD
Choreographer: TBD 
Dates: Reh: July 5th- July 19th .
Perf: July 19th – August 5th 
**Co-Production with Ogunquit Playhouse

Info: The songs of the pop group ABBA provide the score for this romantic comedy that contrasts the dreams and desires of a young woman about to become a bride with those of her mother, a free spirit of the 70s who never married. “Mamma Mia!” takes place at a tavern on a Greek island. The cast should be quirky and offbeat; we are not seeking obvious musical theater performers. ACTORS who sing and move work best in this show. ALL ARTISTS SHOULD HAVE A ROCK SOUND AND BE ABLE TO MOVE WELL. We are seeking performers of all races and ethnicities for these roles. 

(late 30s-early 40s – the mother of a 20 year old girl) Attractive and free-spirited. A former lead singer in a group called “Donna and the Dynamos” who now owns and runs a hotel/casino on a Greek island. A strong feminist who also has a zany and vulnerable side. Range: Alto/Mezzo 

(18-25) A very special young woman who is determined to find the romance and happiness she feels eluded her mother. Has a wild, zany spirit even though she pursues a conventional marriage. Range: Pop soprano. 

(late 30s-early 40s) A former singer in the “Dynamos.” Rich, sophisticated, acerbic, funny, and witty. Range: Alto/Mezzo 

(late 30s-early 40s) Also a former singer in the “Dynamos” who now writes for and runs a feminist press. She’s confident, strong, and funny on the outside but shy underneath. Kooky and fun, good comic actress, bit of a clown. Actress who sings. Range: Alto/Mezzo 

(35-45) May be Sophie’s father. Left Donna 20 years ago because he was engaged to another woman. Charming, successful architect. Actor who sings. Baritone. 

(35-45) May be Sophie’s father. British financier, wealthy, buttoned-up, and conservative but trying to reconnect with his freer, youthful self. Must be able to do a very convincing English accent. Also an actor who sings. Range: High baritone, tenor. 

(35-45) May be Sophie’s father. A travel writer with no possessions or strings. Good-natured, always ready for adventure. Funny, preferably a big or imposing man. Should be a very good actor who sings. Range: High Baritone 

(mid-late 20s) Sophie’s fiance. Athletic, attractive – has given up his life as a successful young businessman in order to make over Donna’s tavern and marry Sophie. Range: Tenor 


Book and Lyrics: Howard Ashman
Director: TBD
Choreographer: TBD
Dates: Reh: August 8th- August 23rd. 
Perf: August 23rd – September 9th 

(25-35) An insecure, put-upon florist’s clerk and eventual hero. He is a genuine, well-meaning man who is taken for granted because of his clumsy ways and poor social skills. 
Vocal range top: G4 
Vocal range bottom: A2 

(25-35) Bleached-blond, Billie-Dawn-like, secret love of Seymour’s life. She has poor self-worth and education, but incredibly good looks and a sweet and vulnerable demeanor. Vocal range top: D5 Vocal range bottom: seeking a very strong musical theater voice with solid mix/belt and access to a strong rock quality as needed. 

(55-65) The seasoned owner of the failing East Side flower shop and Seymour’s nosy boss. His accent is middle class New York. He seldom smiles but often sweats; and he is not above making a quick buck, when the opportunity presents itself. He is profit-driven, greedy, and manipulative. Seeking a strong character actor who can sing and move well; looking for a bari tenor who can hold harmony
Vocal range top: F4 
Vocal range bottom: G2 

(30-40) An egotistical dentist with a passion for leather and sadistic tendencies. Audrey’s abusive boyfriend, who is targeted by Seymour. 
Vocal range top: G4 
Vocal range bottom: G2 

(any age) An actor/vocalist located offstage. The voice is that of a conniving, street-smart ‘villain.’ A funky Rhythm and Blues voice is best. 
Vocal range top: G4 
Vocal range bottom: G2 

(20-35, African-American) are street urchins, acting as the occasional Greek Chorus. Young, hip, and smart, these girls are the only ones who have a grip on reality. 
Vocal range top: F5
Vocal range bottom: Ab3 


Director: TBD
Choreographer: TBD
Book: Joseph Robinette
Score: Benj Pasek and Justin Paul
Reh: November 29th – December 14th . 
Perf: December 14th- Dec 29th 

50-60s, the narrator (Ralphie is him as a boy) plays several roles in and out of the story as well. Midwestern, charming, warm, excellent story teller. Non-singing/dancing role. 

(Must look around 9/10 years old), no taller than 5 feet. Great actor and singer. Must dance some. Warm and funny. Ralphie is on stage the entire show. A young man who can be focused and have a professional attitude. 

30s-40s. Genius comic actor who sings and dances. Untight, fuss-budget, flawed. Humorously “terrifying” dad with a heart somewhere. Range is high baritone. 

30s-40s. Pretty, warm, funny, wonderful expressive singer, contemporary mid-range mix-belt, with some soprano. Must be a truly great actress as well as a great singer. Subtle real, genuine and truthful sense of humor, a bit on the “quirky” side. 

(Ralphie’s younger brother): Must look 6-7 years old. Must be shorter than Ralphie. Must sing and dance (tap). 

aged 40-50 school teacher; not a stick-in-the-mud, she’s sassy. Funny musical comedy belter who taps. Must tap dance. 

(child): Must be taller than Ralphie. Tough, older (9-12), must dance (tap). 

(child): Scut’s sidekick. Must be small and look 6-8 years old. Comic actor, must dance (tap).




based on experience


2017-03-07 09:00 :


Ripley Grier Studios


Please prepare 16-32 bars in the style or from the show that you wish to be considered for. Typing may occur. Please bring your headshot and resume.

Minors must be accompanied by an adult

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