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Hartford Stage 2017-18 Season – Hartford, CT EPA (06.07.17)


Call Type: EPA

LORT Non-Rep
LORT B; $861/week current min

Artistic Associate, Rachel Alderman, will be present at the auditions.

Season dates: 11 August to 10 June. Specific production dates included below with the character breakdowns.

Stage managers are welcome to submit resumes to Production Manager Bryan Holcombe, Hartford Stage, 50 Church St, Hartford CT 06103.

An Equity Monitor will not be provided. The producer will run all aspects of this audition.

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to attend every audition.

Always bring your Equity Membership card to auditions.

Actors for Hartford Stage’s 2016-2017 Season


by William Shakespeare.
Director: Darko Tresnjak.
First rehearsal: 8/11/17
Opening: 9/15/17
Closing: 10/8/2017

All roles available


by Sarah Gancher.
Director: Elizabeth Williamson.
World Premiere
First rehearsal: 9/19/17
Opening: 10/27/17
Closing: 11/12/17

ERZSIKE (AIR-zhee-kuh, Hungarian for Lizzy): aged 19, 31, 52 and 60s. A Hungarian woman. Dynamic, fashionable. As a child, she was a Holocaust orphan reluctantly taken in by poor relations, and survival under communism has forced her to develop a ruthless pragmatism, a killer poker face, and a dry sense of humor. She longs for security, and will do anything to protect her family.

JUDIT (YOO-deet, Hungarian for Judith) late 30s. Erzsike’s elder daughter. Professional, attractive, polished. Rebellious, self-righteous, a daddy’s girl who once chafed against her mother’s harsh rules. MARGIT (MAHR-geet, Hungarian for Margaret), aged Mid 30s. Erzsike’s younger daughter. Lives with Erzsike. Practical, plain, sweet, a peacemaker.

LACI (LAH-tsee, a nickname for Laszlo, or Lazarus) aged 30. Erzsike’s son, her youngest child. Irresponsible, beloved, dangerous. Requires someone who can read as an Eastern European rap enthusiast who makes a living at the edge of Budapest’s criminal underworld, but also a born polemicist capable of passionate argument —born in another time, he might have been an intellectual.

DAVID, aged 40. Erzsike’s neighbor, an American Jewish man. Overenthusiastic, nebbishy, awkward at times, passionate, a fish out of water, has fled to Eastern Europe to reinvent himself.

ATTILA (AH-teela), aged 30s and later 40s.
Erzsike’s (male) boss at the House of Terror, Charismatic, funny, corrupt. He savors his position of power, and does not mind scaring others to get what he wants.

TAMÁS (TAHM-ahsh), aged 45 and later 66. Erzsike’s husband. Kind, romantic, ineffective, and terrified. A good man in a bad world. Keeping his head down in a difficult and dangerous job, trying to avoid doing too much damage or getting damaged himself.


adapted by Michael Wilson.
Director: Rachel Alderman.
First rehearsal: 11/10/17
Opening: 12/1/17
Closing: 12/31/17

(All AEA roles are cast.)


written and performed by Sharon Washington.
Director: Maria Mileaf
First rehearsal: 12/11/17
Opening: 1/19/18 Closing: 2/4/18

(All AEA roles are cast.)


by Ken Ludwig. Director: Emily Mann
First rehearsal: 1/23/18
Opening: 2/23/18
Closing: 3/25/18

(All AEA roles are cast.)


Adapted by Douglas McGrath.
Director: Doug Hughes.
World Premiere.
First rehearsal: 3/6/18
Opening: 4/13/18
Closing: 5/6/18

A company of 9 to 11 actors will play the following roles:

NEWLAND ARCHER, 20s, a young upper-class lawyer, engaged to May Welland but deeply and unnervingly smitten with Countess Ellen Olenska. Loyal, honest but desperately torn between the possibilities Ellen opens up to him and the demands of his society. Sings.

OLD GENTLEMAN, late 60s. Our narrator, Newland Archer in 1920, looking back with some regret and yearning at the choices he made as a young man.

MAY WELLAND, early 20s. A young and seemingly guileless society woman, who is nonetheless capable of doing what she feels she must to keep her husband.

ELLEN OLENSKA, 20s. A bewitching and melancholic young woman who has stepped outside the rules of her society by leaving her husband, she still has a certain joie de vivre. Torn between the freedom she craves and a deep desire not to cause more pain to those she loves. Sings.

MRS. MANSON MINGOTT, 70s-80s, brisk, confident and chair-bound New York society woman, used to ruling her family. Grandmother to both May and Ellen.

JULIUS BEAUFORT, 30s, a banker with a roving eye who is not as solid as he may seem.

LARRY LEFFERTS, 30s-40s. A man who will gladly heighten another’s scandal in order to hide his own philandering. May play piano.

SILLERTON JACKSON, older gentleman, good friend of the Archer family.

MRS. WELLAND, 50s, May’s mother. Very bound by the rules of New York society.

MR. VAN DER LUYDEN, 50s-70s, a prominent and very proper leader of New York society. He and his wife are the final say on all things socially acceptable. Has a deep affection for the Archers and therefore supports the Wellands. Gracious but with a spine of steel.

MRS. LUISA VAN DER LUYDEN, 50s-70s, a prominent and very proper leader of New York society. She and her husband dictate cultural tastes. Has a deep affection for the Archers and therefore supports the Wellands. Gracious but with a spine of steel.

MRS. ARCHER, 50s-60s, mother of Newland Archer. Able to solve almost any social crisis, she is a great support to her son. Slightly more down to earth than the older generation of society.

MR. LETTERBLAIR, 60s, head of the law firm where Newland Archer works. Confident in Newland’s ability to navigate a tricky situation for the firm.

THORLEY, 20s-30s, a young man in Newland Archer’s social circle. Enjoys gossiping.

MONSIEUR RIVIÈRE, 30-50s, an effervescent and charming Frenchman who marches to his own drum. A tutor.

HICKEY, 40-50s, middle-aged law clerk who is unhappily married.

DALLAS, 20-30s, Newland and May’s son. A warmhearted and enterprising young man. MALE OPERA SINGER, tenor, sings Faust.

FEMALE OPERA SINGER, soprano, sings Marguerite.

FLORIST, 20-40s, a helpful woman or man who coordinates Newland’s daily flower delivery to May, and then to Ellen.

Non-speaking members of New York society at the opera, the ball, etc.


by Athol Fugard.
Directed: Darko Tresnjak
First rehearsal: 4/17/18
Opening: 5/25/18
Closing: 6/10/18

All roles available

AEA members Email auditions@hartfordstage.org up until 12 noon on Monday, June 5. After that, come in in person on Wednesday, June 7.

Appointments will be given for 6/7 first. If filled, then appointments will be scheduled for 6/8. If all slots on the 7th are not taken, then the 8th will be cancelled




Hartford Stage Offices and Rehearsal Studios
942 Main St
Hartford, CT 06103

Wednesday, June 07, 2017
10:00 AM – 6:00 PM


Prepare a brief contemporary or classical monologue. You may also prepare 16 bars of a song from either musical theatre or opera. Please bring sheet music; a piano accompanist will be provided. Bring 2 copies of picture and resume, stapled together.

Minors must be accompanied by an adult

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