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Seeking Transgender and Non-Binary Performers for Workshop


SEEKING NON-UNION SUBMISSIONS for a workshop of Lonely Skies, an audience-interactive theater piece produced as part of Undiscovered Countries’ “Blast Off!” Development Lab (see details at www.undiscoveredcountries.com). 

Lonely Skies is an audience-interactive theater piece with branching paths and multiple endings, stylistically inspired by visual novels and RPG’s. Beginning in a casino in the not-too-distant future, the story follows an investor and their co-worker who are sent to evaluate a nearby hospital, funded by local government. During their stay at the casino they are caught up in a territorial battle between the owners of the casino, the personnel at the hospital, and the members of a secret underground market that’s smuggling resources from both. The narrator, based on the choices they make and the people they befriend, decides to assist or waylay the operative players in the conflict, all while trying to get home in one piece.


KRILL (20’s, transmasculine): The kingpin of the underground market. Krill got his name because he used to be weak and scrawny, but he’s spent years making sure that nobody gets in his way anymore. Unpredictable at times, he protects those closest to him with an iron fist and uses his considerable strength and connections to get them whatever they need…as long as they’re willing to scratch his back when the time comes. Inspiring fear and awe in turns, it’s generally recommended you stay out of his way, unless you’ve got a skill guaranteed to get him on your good side. Previous background in improv a plus, but not required.

TIG (20’s, trans/nonbinary): A young scientist working as a lab assistant at the hospital near the casino. Tig got the job through a craigslist ad just vaguely worded enough to sound interesting, and has regretted it ever since. Although Tig projects timidity, they are devestatingly intelligent and willing to take risks as long as they can clearly understand the costs and benefits involved. At nights, they adopt the alias “Rance” and trade old computer parts at the underground market…as well as other things the hospital would be less than thrilled to find missing. Previous background in improv a plus, but not required.

Actors of Color Strongly Encouraged to Apply for Both Roles!

Rehearsals and Performance:

Rehearsals will be held 1-2 times a week throughout the month of May and the first week of June, and will be scheduled around actors’ availability. The performance will take place the night of June 10th at Bizarre in Bushwick in the form of a 20 minute segment of the full piece, performed twice for a total of 40 minutes. All performers will be paid a travel stipend for each rehearsal and performance.

Audition Information:

Auditions will be held in Manhattan this Friday, April 21st between 6pm and 8:30pm. To submit, please send your availability, headshot and resume in an email with the role you are auditioning for in the subject line (Ex: Lonely Skies Auditions – Krill). You will be reading sides from the piece during your audition, which will be given to you along with your audition time upon submitting.

If you are interested in auditioning but cannot make the audition times, please submit your headshot and resume with your availability and we may be able to find an alternate time to see you.


May 1, 2017 – June 10, 2017



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